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By M. Adachi, Y. Akishige, T. Asahi, K. Deguchi, K. Gesi, K. Hasebe, T. Hikita (auth.), Y. Shiozaki, E. Nakamura, T. Mitsui (eds.)

Data on ferroelectric and antiferroelectric behaviour of natural compounds and strong ideas are seriously evaluated and also all different houses appropriate to the characterization of those crystals are offered in tables and figures. Subvolume A is for oxides and B for non-oxides together with liquid crystals. This subvolume contains a broadcast model and an digital model on CD-ROM. all of the compiled facts are available at the CD-ROM. The abundance and variety of the knowledge, despite the fact that, make an summary of the appropriate examine box tough, and therefore the broadcast model is designed to survey the current prestige of ferroelectrics learn and to understand the contents of CD-ROM. approximately 6% of tables and 28% of figures in CD-ROM are chosen and provided within the published version.

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9 K 6 3 0 3 6 9 12 Dielectric constant κ' [102] 15 18 Fig. 12B-1-002. Li2−xNaxGe4O9. κ '' vs. κ ' [93Wad2]. Parameter: T. diff. T – II – I [K] Fig. 12B-1-003. Li2−xNaxGe4O9. τ vs. T − Θ II-I [93Wad2]. τ : dielectric relaxation time. Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/36A2 Main Page Symbols 12 LiNaGe4O9-type oxides 12 5 5 f = 1 MHz 2 MHz 4 MHz 10 MHz f = 1 MHz 2 MHz 8 4 MHz 6 10 MHz 4 3 2 1 2 0 102 4 Dielectric constant κ'' [102] Dielectric constant κ' [102] 10 0 108 110 112 114 116 118 102 104 Temperature T [K] Fig.

7 Ps || [100]. Dependence of Θ f on sodium concentration: see Fig. 12B-1-001. Color: colorless. 2a Crystal growth: Czochralski method. 88 Å at RT. Z = 4 in phase I, II. Crystal structure: Table 12A-1-001, Table 12A-1-002; Fig. 12A-1-001. Disorder of Na atom in phase I is reported. 69Vol 5a c 95Iwa Dielectric constant: Fig. 12A-1-002, Fig. 12A-1-003, Fig. 12A-1-004, Fig. 12A-1-005. 3 K. Fig. 12A-1-006. 83Wad Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/36A2 Main Page Symbols 12 LiNaGe4O9-type oxides 2 Table 12A-1-001.

Tmelt (peritectic) = 1304 K. 266⋅103 kg m −3. Color: colorless or faint yellowish. Vickers indentation hardness: H V = 790⋅106 kg m −2. 80Hau 2a Crystal growth: Czochralski method. 1 : 7 compound in Li2O-GeO2 binary system. 710 Å at 293 K. 69 Å at 77 K. b Z = 4. Crystal structure: Table 13A-1-001, Table 13A-1-002; Fig. 13A-1-003, Fig. 13A-1-004. 82Pre 85Iwa 70Vol 4 Thermal expansion: Fig. 13A-1-005. 5a Dielectric constants: Fig. 13A-1-006, Fig. 13A-1-007, Fig. 13A-1-008, Fig. 13A-1-009, Fig. 13A-1-010, Fig.

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