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A reference and textual content encompassing crucial elements of swift prototyping expertise as a box. stories operation ideas and methods for many stable freeform applied sciences and ancient structures information, selling layout and production tools.

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Rapid Prototyping Technology

A reference and textual content encompassing crucial points of fast prototyping know-how as a box. studies operation rules and methods for many reliable freeform applied sciences and old structures information, selling layout and production equipment.

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1 JP-5 Hardware The JP-5 operates from a personal computer as small as a 486/33 with 8 MB RAM (not included), and is very simple to use. The system comes in two sizes, the larger of which builds parts typically within a 12" X 18" cross sectional area. The JP-5 plotter is controlled through a serial port on the computer, by the JP-5 software. 7 Software The software used to operate the JP-5 is actually embedded into a computer-aided design (CAD) package called Silver Screen. STL file, as well as Silver Screen CAD files.

It is important to note that the style for assembling models on the JP-5 will vary from user to user, and the following is just one of those styles. 1 Scaling/Part Size JP-5 allows you to scale parts to the size you wish to build. Parts can either be scaled uniformly across the -x, -y, and -z coordinates, or be scaled in a combination thereof. When scaling down it is important to note smaller features that may not be distinguishable at smaller sizes. 2 Orientation/Positioning When building with the JP-5, the position of the parts can play an important role in the ease fabrication scheme.

Never rub or touch this orifice with your hands or any other substance, this will damage the jet and cause it to be inoperable. The proper substance to use to remove any debris from the tip is the corner of a Kim wipe. 1 CAD File Preparation Prior to actually building the part, the STL file must be translated into the software language used by the MM. This software is MW and is used for the purpose of preparing and manipulating the file so that the MM can build it. The file, after being read into MW, produces a picture of the file on screen in the Cartesian coordinate system (-x , -y , and -z).

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