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Stefano Predelli involves the protection of the conventional "formal" method of natural-language semantics, arguing that it's been misrepresented not just through its critics, but additionally through its most well known defenders. In Contexts he bargains a primary reappraisal, with specific awareness to the remedy of indexicality and different kinds of contextual dependence that have been the point of interest of a lot contemporary controversy.

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Collaborations are used to show the structure of cooperating elements with a particular purpose (OMG, 2009). Indeed, the primary and aspect models created using RSA have interactions contained within collaborations. The Collaborations matched rule has the task of generating Collaboration objects that enclose the interactions for the advice and pointcut. Recall that the aspect model consists of the advice and pointcut SDs (interactions). The rule is described by the code snippet shown below. 1. rule Collaborations { 2.

The crucial property of modular monadic semantics is the division of the monad m into a series of monad transformers, each representing a computation. As mentioned in the previous section, monad transformers provide the power to represent the abstract notion of programming language features, but still allow us to access low-level semantic details. The concept of lifting allows us to consider the interactions between various features. In some sense, monad transformers can be designed once and for all (Liang, 1998), since they are entirely independent of the language being described.

The Using Model Transformation Language Semantics for Aspects Composition 21 JoinPointsCount transformation is implemented in an ATL module creatively named JoinPointsCount as shown below by its header definition. module JoinPointsCount; create NUMJOINPOINT:UML2 from PRIMARY:UML2, ASPECT:UML2, BIND:BD; uses PointcutMatchHelpers; ... The header declares that the transformation takes as input two UML2 models (bound to variables PRIMARY and ASPECT), a model that conforms to the BD (Binding Directive) metamodel, that is the mark model bound to the variable BIND.

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