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By P. Lienhardt, A. Al-Shahi

During this perceptive research of the Arab sheikhdoms of the Gulf, Peter Lienhardt discusses the typical social styles happen of their tribal constitution, the family among women and men, the economics of pearl fishing, the expansion of cities, and the advanced courting among the ruling shaikhs and their topics. the appearance of oil wealth appreciably altered the industrial and social stipulations of the sector, however the sheikhs have persisted to play a massive political function of their smooth states.

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If the cousin tries to seize power, then both brothers are united against him. Now if we consider the position of links through women in these matters, we see that although they have the same connection with their mother’s family, full brothers will probably be connected with different The Political Complex 23 families through their wives. Half-brothers have different connections through both mothers and wives, and first cousins likewise have different connections through mothers and wives, and of course are less united in their fathers.

Around this situation of seclusion and potential divorce is built a complex of reasons why women are usually unwilling to move away from their paternal families and settle in another place with their husbands. For a woman to marry a man who lives a long way away from her family is even more difficult. In the Gulf, as in other Arab societies, marriage with a close agnate is a preferred marriage, and another common way of marrying is where any sort of kinship connection exists already. Thus, when a large number of people have moved together from one place to another, the fathers and brothers of the women have moved with the husbands.

All this was part of a change in the proportions of Trucial Coast affairs dating from the time when oil began to be considered as a serious possibility, not merely from the time when it was found. The discovery of oil confirmed changes which had begun already. Initially the prospecting agreements did not need to stipulate precisely the territorial boundaries in which prospecting was to be carried out. These boundaries for long remained in dispute between one ruler and another. Dubai and Abu Dhabi fought a war over a border area called Jabal [Ali, and at one period the shaikhs of Abu Dhabi suspected the shaikhs of Dubai of a plot to take over the Buraimi Oasis.

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