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The most proficient and across the world well known theologians of our time the following explores the significance of puzzle and mysticism within the Christian culture. He starts off with a old examine delusion and secret in pagan, Hellenistic and Classical cults, and the following improvement in Christian mysticism and spirituality. From fable and secret he moved to mysticism within the Christian West as much as the current. Christian culture is in comparison to Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist mystic reviews. all through, Bouyer seeks to target the facility and which means of those phenomena of their position within the sleek Church. the following the reader will discover a new method of interpreting the Bible and a more impregnable that means of what it really is to be a Christian. Translated from the French through Illtyd Trethowan.

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107. FROM THE MOTHER GODDESSES TO HELLENISM 47 formula, whereas Firmicus Maternos commented on it (which is all the more probable because it is clear that in his own Latin he is providing an explication rather than a translation). The first two statements, in each author, are plain enough: 'I have eaten what was in the drum, I have drunk the contents of the cymbal . / These are the usual musical instruments of the goddess's followers here used, oddly enough, as containers of ritual food and drink (we cannot tell what they were).

The same is found in the earliest urban civilizations unearthed in the valley of the Indus and its neighbourhood since 1926, notably at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, going back to the third millennium and the early years of the second. At Harappa there are also male gods, but they are less common and less often associated with the goddesses. But the lingas (the phallic representations still so common in modern India) are abundant, and a famous seal, found at Mohenjo Daro, shows a striking likeness to the much later representation of the Hindu Siva.

The spiritual evolution which had produced the myth in the first place will move later towards so extended a reinterpretation of it that it produced the hope, even if, as Plato says, it is only 'a happy dream in which one indulges',22 of a life of the soul surviving that of the body and disengaging itself from it only to pass beyond it. The Christian Mystery leads towards a resurrection of our whole being, body and soul, in a transfiguration of the whole cosmos. The mysteries of Eleusis, essentially an affair of ritual, have never claimed to produce anything but a certain association of the mystics with the divinities in question.

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