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He shows how this analysis explains the attested PI-like properties of bare singular objects. 38 borik and gehrke Finally, Serdobolskaya (this volume) takes a look at another empirical domain that might be added to the discussion of (P)NI, namely asymmetric differential object marking (DOM) in Eastern Mari, where a noun unmarked for case appears in direct object (DO) position, which normally is marked for accusative case. She argues in favor of a PI- and against a NI-analysis of unmarked DOs in Mari, given that they share a number of morphosyntactic and semantic properties with PI-ed nouns, including the lack of case marking, a tighter relation to the verb, forming a prosodic unit with it, and the fact that the nouns involved allow for modifiers and thus have to be phrases, rather than heads.

Bare plurals in Spanish are interpreted as properties. Catalan Journal of Linguistics 3. 115–133. McNally, Louise & Gemma Boleda. 2004. Relational adjectives as properties of kinds. ), Empirical Issues in Formal Syntax and Semantics 5, 179–196. fr/eiss5. Merlan, Francesca. 1976. Noun incorporation and discourse reference in modern Nahautl. International Journal of American Linguistics 42. 177–191. Mithun, Marianne. 1984. The evolution of noun incorporation. Language 60. 847– 894. Mithun, Marianne.

34) a. Busco pis. {Un a Barcelona. } one in Girona ‘I’m looking for an apartment. ’ b. Busco pisos. {#Un a Barcelona. } and one in Girona ‘I’m looking for apartments. ’ As can be seen in (34a), a BN argument can support two continuations, the one that favors a singular interpretation of the BN pis ‘apartment’ as well as the one that is compatible with a plural interpretation of the same argument. In contrast, the BPl in (34b) can only support a plural interpretation, but not a singular one. This means that the plurality feature on BPls is not only expressed morphologically, but also fully interpreted semantically, hence a number neutral interpretation does not arise with BPls.

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