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By Peter Corris

Claudia Fleischman is gorgeous, wealthy, clever and has simply been charged with the homicide of her husband. Hardy, employed to seem into the historical past of the case, is quickly as much as his neck in difficulty. while his motor vehicle is blown up after which a chum is killed, Cliff unearths himself with a private stake within the motion. His investigations introduce him to the shadowy international of company excessive flyers at Sydney's unique Washington membership and convey him into touch with free cannon Haitch Henderson and his gentle yet disagreeable pimp of a son, Noel. in a single of his grittiest situations ever, Hardy has to take drastic motion earlier than the items fall into position and a truly tough justice is noticeable to be performed.

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Fine. ’ ‘Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps. We’ll see. I . ’ ‘OK. ’ I was suddenly aware that she was saying less and less with each utterance, which can be a sign of distress. ‘Are you all right? ’ Another pause. I could almost feel the effort she was making to get a few more words out. ‘I’m all right, yes. I’m not doing anything much. I’ll see you at seven then. ’ I put the phone down, very unsure of what I was letting myself in for, but certain I’d be there at seven sharp unless I got hit by a bus or a bullet.

I haven’t been getting too many votes of confidence lately. I’ll have to make do with that. ’ The beep of an incoming call distracted me. ’ ‘You said you were looking for people who wanted Julius dead. ’ ‘Oh him. He adored Julius, worshipped him. ’ ‘For a while, one of many. ’ I took a risk. ‘I think you should. I think you should tell me everything about everybody who’s even remotely involved. I want to know everything about your marriage, day by day. ’ I waited to feel the drop in temperature as before but it didn’t come.

I tossed it off and set about cooking a bachelor dinner—salad with French dressing, pasta with pesto and grated cheese— living with those women had taught me something. * * * * I had a glass of wine with the food and poured another when I sat down with a foolscap pad to try to make some sense of the day’s information and events. With any luck I’d get through the night one drink under my limit. My no doubt simple-minded procedure is to list the names of the people involved, all the relevant information on them and to draw arrows between them all pointing in all directions, noting on the shafts the things that connected them.

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